What does a weird Jacksonville mean to you?


We, the minions behind Make Jax Weird, have banded together to share our definition of the idea of weird and help to spread awareness of the potential we see in Jacksonville to embrace these ideas of creativity, sustainability and uniqueness that can really help to bring this city out of the funk of “blandness” that many feel is holding Jax back from its full potential.

If you are reading this it is probably because you saw one of our stickers or read one of the blogs or articles about MJW and were curious about just what a weird Jacksonville was.

So we want to ask you: what does a weird Jacksonville mean? How do you see Jacksonville as weird and what can or do you do to help make this place weird? Tell us in the comments!


Guess the new sticker color!


sticker-colorsGreen is a pretty weird color but then again every color can be a bit weird, right? We’ve got a new Make Jax Weird sticker coming – can you guess what color it will be? We’ll announce the next color on February 13th!